Husband strikes again!

Hey there,

So from one of my earlier posts you know how we have a war situation at home when there’s even a mention of ‘buying a new gadget’.

No I will not get into who wins or loses in that war. In fact after this last dialogue between me and my ‘loving’ husband (yes the quotes are intentional), I think it’s very clear that I don’t even stand a chance to have an opinion on the topic!

A few days back we were enjoying a nice friday evening. I made his favorite fish fry (notice the thoughtful wife here) and he got me my favorite black rum – Old Monk (huh no brownie points for that. We were out of liquor and someone had to get it). The statement  – food is the way to a man’s heart, stands 100% true. I think whoever wrote it had my husband in mind! So everything is going great… Nice dinner with a movie, good ambience….until I ask him a question. A question that is otherwise considered to be a very lovey – dovey one. A question that I think has a few standard answers to make the other person happy.

I asked him – How much do you love me? Now before I continue, I would like to clarify that I did it on purpose and just for fun. No  emotions attached or anything… (well for those who disagree, sorry,, you have to believe me :P). I often do it to irritate him cos he has only one answer and feels awkward when he has to repeat it the 1000th time. hehehe I love that 🙂 He still answered but I was in a mood to stretch it a lil so I asked him  – ”If you had to choose between me and your gadgets what would you choose?”

Now on that, any husband… I mean any any any husband would have said – ”You” RIGHT???? …..WRONG!!!! Actually I didn’t even get a chance to finish my question… It went something like – ”If you had to choose between me and your gaaa”… and he instantly replied -“gadgets”.

I swear I stared at him for a good 5 mins! He was smart enough to sense the silence before the storm so he tried to cover it up with some very filmy dialogues… you don’t even wanna know! sigh!

Picture this – I’m drowning in deep waters with his camera around my neck and he jumps in, swims against the tides, battling the fierce water only to reach out and take the camera away! huh! And I’m like – Dude, what about me???? Gulp gulp blob!

Well, after a lot of stares and frowns we decided that this conversation of ours is best forgotten (As if there was any other option!). Obviously I was pulling his leg and so was he (still keeping my fingers crossed while saying this… just incase you know.. I dont wanna go gulp gulp blob!).

I think its safe to say that girls, or more specifically ME, will never understand a guys attachment to electronics. Their mirror neurons start acting up like crazy the minute they spot anything gadgety. And if you are with them, they’ll turn to you with the most innocent puppy eyes. Such expressions I tell you!  But he compensates in his own way so I dont have any complaints as such 🙂 And by that I mean he buys me stuff that I like.

Now we have a new household budget and guess what.. I’m secretly saving to buy him a new camera 🙂 The puppy eyes can really change your mind!

Thats love I guess…my love for him, his love for his gadgets 😛


My dad has Multi Personality Syndrome


Yes you read it right. My dad has MPS, short for multi personality syndrome. A condition that has lasting effects on oneself and others who come in contact. Me and family are still finding ways to come around it…sigh!

OK ok ok…. don’t get tensed or serious and no need to google MPS… Yes the term does exist but when it comes to my dad… it’s a whole other MPS with a totally twisted meaning! Ooops sorry if I got you the serious way :/ hehehehe but what to do… Like father like daughter…just cant live without fun n pranks! 🙂

When I was born he must have thought I would be a handful.  That’s why he took the job of being my dad.  He knew he could handle it.  And he must have known that I would need him to help keep me on the straight and narrow.  For that I am grateful.  Grateful for every time he gave me advice, even though I might not have always seemed grateful at the time.

But who knew HE was going to top the charts when it comes to being a handful!

He is weird. YES he is… but is the intelligent weird… you know what I mean, OK…here are some examples –

1. A fantastic orator and marketing wizard : Has knowledge almost about everything under the sun BUT Never ever participates in a non professional debate! Why?? Well, mostly because all the debates in the family or with friends start after 10.00pm after gulping down the fluid ;P So he is really smart!

2. He is a liar : He says watching sitcoms and movies are a waste of time and one should do something productive. I have always seen him reading business magazines, economic times, business books, following the stock market on tv/newspaper/personal tab..basically i have always seen him with the serious stuff… and yet, when me and my sis are having some stupid Bollywood related conversation, he updates us with the latest in the tinsel town! he actually told us who Preity Zinta broke up with and who she is dating now!!! i mean seriously… he needs to let go off some news!!

3. Obsessed with his own stuff : All the things that he owns are the bestestestest! yeah.. try to argue with that! ya,,,like a kid who cannot tolerate anybody else’s stuff to be cooler than his! Whoever knows my dad and is reading this is nodding right now…i know for sure! It could be his car, his laptop, his personal tab, his office, the list goes on.. he gets attached to his things and since he is a smooth talker, he makes you agree with him!! Ask his son-in-law..he has been a victim many a times! pss pss… I love it when he looses to dad..khee khee khee.. that was my sly laugh btw ;D

4. The protector : Moms are the most protective about their children. HUH… meet him and you will take back your words! guaranteed! He is by far the most protective mammal on earth! He used to make me and sister wear knee pads, elbow pads, helmet  and carry a walky-talky when we went out to play!! This is just one example. And no it doesn’t end there. Our friends have been victims of papa kangaroo too! Yup, i know who all are nodding!

5. The strong one : He says – Be strong. Face all the difficulties with courage. Never get scared of anything…daddy is always right behind you! pss pss except the time when you are facing mom!

6. The perfect host : We were told that we happen to get a lot of guests at our place cos according to numerology, a house number that adds up to 5 is best suited for a hotel, guest house etc. I will have to agree to that cos all our house numbers coincidently add up to number 5. But it is only possible when you have a warm and welcoming host like my dad. He is welcoming and how! You wont believe if I told you this but its hilarious… We have had the most unexpected guests. For example, my uncle is a doc and he casually mentioned to one of his patient who was travelling to Delhi, that my dad will be in town and he can contact him if needed. He did for reason and we ended up treating his family for a good week at our place! That’s my dad…so when I tell you he will help, I mean he WILL help.
7. The multi Tasker : Every time I think of this incident, I laugh my heart out. So here it goes… My sister had just learnt to ride a bicycle and was all happy to ride her brand new one. Dad wanted it to be fun also wanted it to be a good way of exercise so he raised the seat a lil high so she would stretch. ummmm ok a lil too high and that made it difficult for her to get off the cycle. So basically she could ride on but couldn’t get off without help. hehehe… so dad helped her start and stood aside as she took rounds around the house. All was well until my dad got a call. He went inside to take the call and along with him went my sister’s only chance to get off the cycle! Poor thing kept circling around the house for a good 20 mins till she finally got help. Well, this doesn’t prove that he is a multi-tasker or not. I think this shows that he knows his priorities!! hahaha (oops…my sister is not going to spare me for this one ;/)
8. The entertainer : If he is at party, you will know it! Very spontaneous and witty. He lightens up the room in seconds. A great mimic too.. Sometimes its embarrassing…for us I mean.. not for him.. he doesn’t embarrass easily! And he is a great company to all…Irrespective of the age group. My friends are excited to have him around more than they want me!
9. A professional : Many dads don’t write to their kids and its fine. They don’t have to be expressive all the time. But i they do, how would a simple letter with some info be? This is what I get from my dad –
Dear Kanchan,
This is to inform you that your tickets have been booked for next week. Please find enclosed a copy of your ticket in this mail. Kindly take two prints and carry them along to the airport. Do not forget. Driver will pick you up and bring you home.
Should you need more details, do not hesitate to call me.
THIS! THIS is how a casual letter from my dad
looks like!! You think it was toooo professional? To tone it down, he signs off with –
hahahahaaha!! my friends had a good laugh that day after reading this professional yet unprofessional letter!
The list and examples can go on…






But on a serious note, there is one thing that he says and follows himself – Smile… and the world will smile back at you 🙂

I have never seen him without a smile on his face and everyone who knows him will agree. Me and family know well that behind that smile, is an iron heart that has experienced a lot of hardship and is full of dedication and a never-say-die attitude!

I think he is pretty awesome and I’m glad he is the one I call ‘dad’.

Happy Father’s Day daddy! – and Im saying this with a big smile 🙂