Something something interesting interesting coming coming :)


Luck does play a role!

So …finally my blog comes into being!

‘Finally’ because the list of blog names had touched a crazy 84! That’s when I realized I needed to stop…so I took the easiest way out to choose one… ran my finger over the list with eyes closed and stopped abruptly… ‘Humanizing shadows’ it was!

To tell you the truth, my heart was set on this name but just couldn’t finalize it… I owe it to my LUCK that my finger stopped at this one! I’m still smiling 🙂 ….I know some of you are thinking its sheer coincidence right?!

Now that I have crowded your minds with confusion and/or debatable topic – luck, I think I am getting closer to explaining what ‘Humanizing shadows’ means (of course it is open to interpretation but would like to share my idea)…guess what I am trying to say is that I wanted a name that helps reflect my thoughts… thoughts that may be good, bad, right, wrong, conventional, unconventional, biased, unbiased, political, sober, harsh, etc. etc. basically natural human thinking. So???

All is fine as long as they are in our head but I see them following us as invisible shadows. The challenge is seen when we have to bring them out in the open, often held in, maybe because of dogma…

That’s the time I feel we humanize them!

Why humanize and not ‘bring to life’? Well, just cos they are brought out in the original, non sugar-coated, true form… just as we really are…humans.  And what better place to express than a blog!

So here I am with my shadows – humanized!

Would love to use this as a platform to share ideas and experiences…

Sane/insane comments are welcome 🙂