Coconut draped in a saree…

There are a zillion things you may find interesting about a person you love. My list is endless too but here are 50 reasons that make my love and respect grow multifold for this amazing lady who happens to be my mom.

(Not in any particular order)

50. She is a creator in all senses.

49. Is the epitome of perfection.

48. Will pack notes in your lunch bag and pretend to have forgotten but will eagerly wait for you to notice it.

47. The first one to know if you are unwell.

46. The first one to know you are in trouble and the first to pull you out of it.

45. Will come for your performances and yell really loud.

44. Will nag you to do your homework.

43. Will never let you drink water directly from the bottle. You must have it from a glass. Yeah! This is a weird one!

42. Makes you get up early and go the temple when you don’t want to.

41. Will expect and encourage you to give your best at whatever you do.

40. She is the first to realize your strengths and weaknesses.

39. Will make you take singing lessons.

38. Will feed you with the best of food. I can swear by this one! Has been invited to many television cookery shows.

37. Welcomes you with a big smile and a bear hug.

36. Will ensure you don’t run out of food supplies and your chats go uninterrupted when your friend comes over to stay with you.

35. Will make you iron your clothes and polish your shoes and will do it all over again once you are asleep.

34. Won’t let you have the school canteen pizza. But will keep it ready before you are back from school. 🙂

33. You will be updated the following day about the fantastic time your friends had with her.

32. Will nag you to call your best friend every now and then thinking you might lose touch.

31. Tells you to be respectful come what may.

30. After an argument, will promise to never touch the same topic again but…

29. She tells you to be brave but is the first one to cover you on spotting a bee.

28. A super talented lady.

27. Has a massive heart.

26. No matter how misspelled your words are, she will always understand.

25. Will fight with the world for you.

24. She will argue with dad for you till he gives up.

23. No one can cook better than her.

22. With her around, you can boast of having your personal chef 24×7. Has been invited to many television cookery shows.

21. She will look at herself in the mirror at least 100 times while getting dressed.

20. Whether it is setting the dinner table, cutting veggies or buying gifts for the neighbor’s children, she would do it with grace.

19. She will stay awake for nights only to complete your projects while you dream about your new doll.

18. Will remind you to pray everyday, knowing very well that you may not. But its only cos she wants everything to work for you in every possible way.

17. She will know exactly what to say to you when you feel low and you’ll feel better instantly.

16. She wants to be the cool one. A friend first but its just too tough for her to let go her politically correct nature 🙂

15. Loves her friends and always keeps in touch.

14. In order to be funny, she will pass sarcastic comments but she cannot. Just cannot. She is so thoughtful about others that she apologizes after having said something sarcastic 🙂 I think that has trickled down fantastically into me. Of course minus the apologies ;P

13. She will be the most concerned if you don’t call for two days in a row but will not call on her own and howl at you for not doing so. Yeah! Weird again!

12. Expects you to reply to forwarded phone messages.

11. An amazing artist. Her paintings are offered more than 1000 dollars.

10. A fantastic singer. Though did not take it up professionally. “I wanted to let Asha and Lata enjoy the stardom” is her reason.

9. Discipline is her middle name.

8. ‘How to stay organized’ is her bible.

7. She dotes on her son-in-law.

6. She adds grace to whatever she wears. She can really make loads of money if she takes up saree draping as a profession.

5. Ice cream can be her staple food if allowed.

4. A very good driver but a very difficult co-driver. has plans of participating in a car rally one day 🙂

3. Understands and values relationships more than anything else.

2. She is a MOTHER.

1. A lovely woman to know and the greatest to have.

And today too, she demonstrates another strong quality of hers. Working selflessly, taking care of each small thing as we pray and perform rituals for the departed soul of our beloved grandpa who left us a few days ago.

I know he is watching her from above, and with his child-like smile, showering his fatherly blessings, as she turns a golden 50 today…

Tough on the outside, soft and tender on the inside… Happy 50th birthday dearest mom… my lovely coconut draped in a saree 🙂


3 thoughts on “Coconut draped in a saree…

  1. Aruna says:

    Beautiful. She is one of the best persons I have met. I am blessed to have her in my life. She is sister I never had. May God bless her. A Very Very Happy birthday.

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