No hard feelings…

He : I Want it
She : No
He : But I want it
She : No
He : I want it pls!!
She : Ummmmm
He : Plssss I want it real bad!
She : Ok, but last time and promise u won’t trouble me till next month
He : Yes yes yipee!!

Incase u haven’t figured, this is a typical husband-wife debate when it comes to buying gadgets!
Oh, wait, what were you thinking? 😉

Well, me n my hubby are no different… So we have such debates literally every month cos he is a gadget freak and wants to own every single one that comes in the market. Of course our dear friends (they know I’m referring to Mr. K,T and M) play a big role in fueling the debate…and he wins most of the times!

Yes KTM he does!

“I” can go on about the debate and all the buttering that is followed by the arrival of the beasts into our home but that’s not what “I” intend to share in this post..maybe ill make another page dedicated to all the cribbing n crying!
What “I” want to tell you all is that I’m in love, in love with a gadget! Yes u read it right!
Yesss I’m a girl and I’m in love with a gadget!
“I” know all the guys reading this are probably thinking that I’m writing this at gun point! Cos they will hardly find a girl who would say something like this.

“I” admit, “I” was ignorant.. Ignorant to the magnificence of this super cool thing that’s called the Ipad!

After the IPod, the IDoc, the Macbook, the Macbook Pro, the apple TV,  IPad is the new member of our family!

Now all the “I”s make sense right 😉

Oh let me correct- its Ipad 2!

When I first took it in my hands, I experienced awesomeness! There it was, my black shiny beast!
Yes Its a beast! It just over powers you…the cool effects, the simplicity, the ease of handling, the super duper zillions of application and the best of the best application for sketching and rendering!
I just went bonkers over the trial version and within an hour I had the full one 😀

I use it mainly for sketching, scribbling and a lot of randomness! But an artist or not, u have to touch it once…I’m sold on it!

The book reader is good too but it only makes for the initial excitement…Maybe I am old school or ‘not-that-evolved’ but I think a book is best enjoyed when u hold it in your hands, hear the pages turn, smell the paper, the glue…a true reader would agree…

But if you’re still looking at carrying your book stock in a fancy cool tablet…then go for a Kindle…

OK… I don’t want it to be read as a review or something… I just wanted to share my happiness 🙂

So wait for some crazy stuff that’s in the making 🙂
(Coming soon under my page – from the right side of the brain)

Hmmmmmmmmm… Sure the apple fell on us and the great Newton introduced us to the phenomenon of gravity…

but in today’s age, its ‘US’ who fall for the apple… That’s the Steve effect!

No hard feelings Newton 🙂


3 thoughts on “No hard feelings…

  1. Kshiteej says:

    Rightly said! And yes..all your blog readers awaiting your crazy post.

  2. Steve would have adopted the both of you had ‘I’ had a say in the matter.

    Nice post.

    Happy blogging!

  3. hahaha.. Apple co. are you reading this? 🙂

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